About Us

Why our Candles are Unique and Considered Luxury Candles


Our candles have 3 unique characteristics that make them luxury candles.

The actual Candle Containers are High End Home Décor Pieces that can be used when you're candle has been burned fully. These are collector type containers, so you're paying for your candle plus this Luxury container.

The Luxury Waxes we use are unique to the candle market. We use Luxury Soy Blends that are all natural and even carry a Beeswax blend that the king of all waxes.  This choice does include an upcharge, but well worth the extra cost for the best luxurious experience. See our information sheet for the detailed information for each wax.

Our All Natural Wooden Wicks, which are relatively new to the candle industry.  We use these luxury wicks in 99% of our candles and if the candle container only will use a cotton wick, we use luxury all-natural cotton wicks.